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What people are saying...


"More than 3 million people visited London's Winter Wonderland over the Christmas period. We knew we needed someone special to add to the festive atmosphere. Nick sang over 40 sets over the 6 week period, he was incredible, singing as well (if not better ) on the 40th set as he did when he first arrived. Nick was always on time , he was charming and brilliant to work with. We will be having him back next year for sure! He has a bright future ahead- a modern day Sinatra"

-Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park (Dec, 2019)

"We had Nick sing for our New Years Eve party. He arrived early, and was absolutely amazing. Really managed to get all of our guests into the party spirit and completely made the night. Couldn’t recommend him enough and can’t wait to have him back at one of our future parties! Thank you Nick!" 

- Hannah Chestnutt (Jan 2019)

"Nick performed at the Verve Rally event in September, very positive feedback from our guests, I would highly reccommend"


- Verve Rally (Sep 2019)

"I was wondering through Covent Garden and could hear Fly me to the Moon and was like oh wow it’s Frank Sinatra playing at like 10 in the morning, must be one of the many restaurants playing it over breakfast and then I turn a corner and see Nick singing. Safe to say my jaw virtually hit the ground! It was amazing! Stood there for a while just listening and enjoying and easily could have stayed there as long as he was! Absolutely superb!"


- Lois Wakefiled (Covent Garden, Feb 2020)

"Nick sang at the re-launch of the White house in Enfield, great entertainment and certainly added to the launch, he has a very good voice"


- The Whitehouse, Enfield (Dec, 2019)

"Nick played many shows for us at the Trafalgar Square Christmas market, whenever he performs, business at the stalls gos up, he is great."

- Trafalgar Square Christmas Market (Dec, 2019)